Sunday, September 10, 2006

Self Portraits - Homage to Picasso

These two self portraits are really a homage to Picasso’s cubist and blue period. I had just met with Len for a chat and a coffee in Bournemouth town centre. Afterwards I took a walk with Mel and Fred through Bournemouth’s pleasure gardens. The ones that lead to Coy Pond. It was a bright warm afternoon and we stopped to enjoy the sun. I took the photos that make up this portrait whilst Mel changed Fred on the bench. My mood at the time was up beat and happy, though the close ups of my face do not reflect this – I think I look quite melancholy. The voyeur gets to see parts of my face close up. Rather then looking at the person behind the photo you literally are looking at parts of the persons face, close ups of my ears, black heads, hairs, skin, lashes et cetera. Click on the separate pictures to enlarge the picture.

Things arent always what they seem.


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