Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Seascapes!

The next three photos were taken on the same big day - 27th March 2006. Click on the photos to enlarge. You will be able to see the surfers and compare them to the size of the waves.

Great fun to take photos of and watch from the cliffs. There was still some size around this morning but no where near as big. Manged to jump in off of Queenscliff rocks and paddle out the back. The current was imense! A rip took me way out and I had to paddle for some time to get to a take off spot. The water just felt like a large mass swirling around and dwarfing me and my board. I was paddling towards some guys sat on there surf boards, by chance I looked behind me and saw a huge wave coming behind me! I quickly spun round and just managed to duck dive under it! Close! The butterflies fluttered franticly in my stomach! Started thinking about extreme hold downs under water.....gulp!

It wasnt a long wait for my first wave though - A steep drop in on a wave probaly head high and a half (9 foot face), bottom hand turn and then long left hand ride to the shore and almost all the way to North Steyne!!! Managed to paddle out through the white water for one more, another good wave to the sure. Decided to go out again but spent 15 minutes trying to get past the white water and ran out of steam. Called it a day and went home grinning with my two waves and intact health.

Ferry Bower, March 27th 2006. This is a solid wave that was generated by the cyclone in the Tasmin sea. It travelled 1,000 klms and took about 2 to 3 days to reach Ferry Bower Point break.... Posted by Picasa

Dee Why Point, great wave and intersting birds feet at the top of the photo??? See the photo below as well. Takem in the same spot a few moments later!!! Posted by Picasa

This was the rouge wave that came through and swallowed up the fool hardy surfers at Dee Why Point. This was taken a few moments after the last photo to give you an idea of how much water these guys had land on them! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dee Why Point Video - 27th March 2006

Large Surf at Dawn

You will need to ENLARGE the photos by clicking on them to see the stick people that surf these waves.

Left the home at 6am to check on the predicted large swell that was due to arrive on Sydneys Northern Beaches. A Cyclone way off of Queensland had created a ground swell in the 10 foot range. Drove to Deadmans and the Bower first as these spots break onto rocks and handle big swell. Moved on to Dee Why which was packed with on lookers. Saw a rouge set 12 foot plus land on the group of 20 odd surfers and clean them all up. Next stop was Freshwater beach which was smaller and had a hand full of surfers out the back. Didnt get any shots of people actually surfing - could do with a zoom lense for that.

Sun Up at Deadmans. Deadmans is a notorious break that works in big condtions. 8 foot plus. The set in this photo are probably in the 8 foot range and bigger rouge sets came through in the 10 to 12 foot range. 12 foot = quadrople over head hight. Roughly. Before Sun up whilst it was still relatively dark I spotted a boggie boarder sat out the back. Freak. Posted by Picasa

Dawn at Deadmans Posted by Picasa

This is the viewing gallery at Ferry Bower... Posted by Picasa

About 100 people stood at the point watching the 10 to 12 foot surf (thats 20 foot+on the face). This guy stroles past the crowd casual as you like right to the end of the rocks holding a snorkle and mask???? Posted by Picasa

Another Freshwater Bomb Posted by Picasa

Freshwater Beach had about 10 guys out trying to catch a wave..... Rouge sets cleaning them all up... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Office

There are two views from my place of work. The all inspiring view that fills up most of my day and I see on a regular basis...could a place of work look more dull?

And then there is the view out the window that I rarely look at. It's just like wall paper....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Guest Blog from James in Cuba

Hey Richo!! Here are some of my Cuban photos. I have heaps more but i will
bore you with them when i next see you! Hope you enjoy...
Cuba. Brilliant place and words cannot describe everything. Havana city is
sooo run down, it is not funny. The buildings are grander / better than
londons finest but they are all falling down and poor people live in them
(houses are divided into many units to allow the poor people access to
housing). From the pictures, you can see that Cuba was the Las Vegas of the
1930's to the 1950's before Castro took over. They were renowned for the
finest hookers, finest shows, finest cigars and finest gambling in the
world. It was a country frequented andowbed by the american maffia.

The people are scared. The streets are very safe and they are guarded by soldiers. We had a couple (man and wife) approach us in the street as they wanted to talk to us about how he wants to escape Cuba to see his brother who had escaped a few years ago. He now lives in Liverpool (UK). After 1 minute of him talking to us, security on the streets pulled him away from us so that we dont speak about any propoganda to him! Its crazy. I was drunk and said a few things before i realised i was in a country that tollerates tourism but HATES non-communist thinking people! I did ask one taxi driver what he thought about everything and he probably speaks for the nation. As soon as Castro dies, the county and the people will be better off.
The music was brilliant. We stayed in one of the top hotels which cost a fair bit but the place was totally run down. I would rather have stayed in the manly warringah travelodge. I fell in love with the girls voice of the group that played in our hotel. They were briliant and were there most of the day. I enjoyed many cigars and rums listening. Great way to relax...We went up north to where Cigars were made. That was fun and we saw a bit more of Cuba. The people were nice and they all wanted to know about the western world. One guy in the cigar factory made eyes with me to do a trade (illegal trade of cigars) which is common but i didnt buy any off him because he would have got the sack. The standard of living increases the further away from the city the people go.I would like to see Cuba once Castro has passed away as the place will become a tourist trap. Its a Caribbean island at heart. THe museam of the Revolution is the most bias thing i have ever laid my eyes upon. It is written by Castro and believed by many. I take my hat of to Fiddel. He is a very very VERY clever man. TO be in power as long as he has is incredible and the people have supported him up until the tourists started going to the island. I wish i could have met him.Have a great day. I am partially drunk so appologies if this email sounds fragmented!

Big up to Mel and the Litle Rascal...


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Long Reef Cricket Club XI

Top Row (Millsey, Dude, Brado, Nonie, Josh, Choock, Richo)
Bottom Row (Warbo, Lenny, Proudy, Greg)

Top Row (Millsey, Dude, Brado, Nonie, Josh, Choock, Richo)
Bottom Row (Warbo, Lenny, Proudy, Greg)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Captain Cave Man

What a feast of a weekend! With Lec and Bear in town for a short stay we have been out most nights. Friday night with Bear up at his local the Newport Arms. A large Pub with many bars and a waterfront setting over looking Pittwater. I ordered the mixed Ribs and wasn’t disappointed by the portion or the taste. The Lamb was tender and dipped in tandori, the pork ribs were juicy, meaty and a plenty. Last but not least the Beef rib (see photo) was falling off the bone. Shame I left it till last as it went cold by the time I got to it. With not much room for the wedges and salad I skipped Desert. Bear had ordered a bottle of Penfolds Shiraz blend reserve and I ordered Pernod and ice. Lovely meal.

Saturday and Sunday were remarkable meals. I was told it was the best pizza in Australia prior before I got to Manly Vale Bowling club. A family of Sicilians that’s have been making pizza in Sicily for 25 years moved to Sydney, built a terracotta wood fired oven and have been making the best pizza I have tasted outside of Italy for the last couple of years at Manly Vale Bowling Club. I was too busy eating my mezzaluna to take a photo….