Monday, February 27, 2006

The Best shoes at the track Posted by Picasa

Jasons Stag do and a Day at the races

What a day and what a night! Parramatta, in land and west of Sydney city has a race course called Rosehill. On Saturday a group of us celebrated Jasons last night of freedom and went out gambling, drinking, oggling and generally damaging ourselves.

The races for me was the highlight. The thrill of the race, looking for the booky with the best odds, up to the bar for cheap wine, clutching betting slipps, celebrating wins, tearing up losses, perving at birds, chatting to old blokes.....just soaking it up really.

After the track, well oiled and excited about the night ahead we stopped off at mikes and took in the view from his extreme bachelor pad. It was men behaving badly times 20. Where were all the women? Any how after completely destroying ourselves to the point that I was in a complete silo we headed into Kings Cross and checked into "Bada Bing" a budget strip club. Not long after this I fizzled out and ejected myself.

A strange devout muslim dude drove me home at 100 klms an hour, I felt sure he was attempting some sort speed of record whilst I, dry mouthed, stopped myself from heaving, in the back.... Flipped around in bed for a while and woke to a rather sketchy hang over....

Who said Rock and Roll was dead?

Any way Congratulations to Jason and Denim who Marry next week! Here's a shot of the Groom, Raddy (serial lady's man) and two of the finest slappers Parramatta had to offer.

The Buck and the local slapper! Posted by Picasa

The Winners Circle! Posted by Picasa

A silouhette of Paul Posted by Picasa

The Bet! Posted by Picasa

The Race! (Click on the photo to Enlarge - The stag party are up the back and the trifecta we bet on is about to cross the finishing post)Posted by Picasa

Harvey and Andrew Share a joke track side... Posted by Picasa

Ended up back at Mikes Extreme Bachelor pad prior to going out in seedy Kings Cross. Here is a photo of Mikes TV.... Posted by Picasa

Cheers!!! Track side photo. Mike (far right) looks a bit sketchy. And whats that in Adrians (second from right) slacks? Posted by Picasa

Rosehill Race Track - Parramatta

What a great day! Armed with a tip for each race, pocket full of money, a plastic beaker of wine and the trusty camera I joinned the Bucks (stag) Party at the Race Track. What could be better then gambling, drinking, oggling birds and mixing in with the local punters at the tote!!!

I was highly impressed by the old timers that punt on the course - most look like imigrants from the old country where ever that may be. They dress to impress on the whole and really look the part. Here's a few old blokes that look like they have been coming to this track since they were young men....

Shirt, Hat and Specs are almost as impressive as his stance....

What are these guys grinning about? What a great waist coat and check the flat cap, heavy framed glasses and racing post....

This guy looks like he is in Aligator country - Florida. I like the old school Bins, Large brimmed hat and the form guide in hand.....

Hmmm, looks like his nag is just trotting past on its way to the starting gates.... Posted by Picasa

The Old and the New.... Posted by Picasa

Winners and Losers - Rosehill Race Course 2006 Posted by Picasa

This guy is trackside and focused... Posted by Picasa

Smart Shoes and socks.....Classic old timer Posted by Picasa

At the Tote.. Posted by Picasa

Two old mates at the track.... Posted by Picasa

A Portrait of Simon Brown drinking a Milkshake

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Australian Male

Is there a stereo typical Aussie Male? This guy in the "budgie Smugglers" showing of his pec's and meat & two veg could be a picture postcard of an Aussie Hunk walking the Manly Beach Front. Looks pretty pleased with himself.

Meet Lenny, my team mate and a devastating opening fast bowler. This to me is closer to your typical Aussie bloke. Loves his cricket, VB, his mates, women and the brutal truth.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

A Crossword and a Seaview , Manly - 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cricket and the Beach

Two iconic Aussie past times Cricket and going to the beach. The Sydney beach was documented on film extensively by Max Dupain in the 1920's and there is a famous photo at the SCG by one of his prodigy’s David Moore.

I’ve been playing with Long Reef Cricket club on the northern beaches for the last 6 months and have been trying to capture the team on the side lines where most of the game is played, waiting, joking, drinking and smoking.

Boy Walking Dog, Manly Beach Front - 2006

Watching the run chase, Northern Beaches - 2006

A good innings, Northern Beaches - 2006

Three mate going for a Surf, Manly - 2006

Watching the cricket, Northern Beaches - 2006

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Hard Corporate Edge

The following collection of photos are a study on corporate life. Most of them are some what abstract and posed, (although some are not posed). The people in the photos were aware of the shots being taken but were not aware of the context in which they were taken or the study that I am doing.

The corporation is an 'UNREAL' place of work that many of us now earn a living in and spend a large part of our day in. This study is an attempt to look at the corporation and the 'REAL' people that get caught up in it.

The real world boxed in by bricks and mortar. A metaphor for the real people that work within a corporation.  Posted by Picasa

Job for life or an uncertain future? Posted by Picasa

The Hard Corporate Edge and natures natural shapes.  Posted by Picasa