Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve

New Years Eve, 31st December 205, Queenscliff, Australia.

So hot, walked slowly to the beach and sat in the shade under a wooden walk way. Read the paper and went for a swim, surf followed by crossword. Walked home in the midday heat, must of been clocking 38c or higher in the sun. Sat on the balcony and watched Miles Davis in concert in 1970 playing in front of 600,000 people. Ate a chicken salad for lunch and worked on some old photos.

The three Amigos at Miggies - I can see what they are all thinking bar Dieago.

Ricardo smoking a mini cigar

Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Heat

Ive had the last week off of work. The heat has been incredible. 30c plus most days and reaching 40c on some days. You can add 5c to those totals in the flat. My work routine is long forgotten and Ive slipped ino a new routine of heaing to the beach early before the flat heats up to gas mark 10 and roasts us alive. At the beach we found a shadey nook near the sea pool and have spent most mornings there. The sea and sea breeze cool us down until hunger sets in and the midday sun. We then slwoly make our way back to the flat for lunch, a siesta and back down to the beach for the afternoon session. With enough reading material, waves and weather I can see myself sustaining this ratonda for quite some time. However as ever living expenses get in the way and I will need to be back at work next week. Until then though and with the forecast predicting more 40+ heat we will continue to be faithfull to Queenscliff beach.

I snapped these kids jumping into the sea pool at Queenscliff.


My friend James has left Manly and Australia. He spent his last evening with Mel and I. I took these shots while we played backgammon, chatted, smoked roll ups and drank rough sangria. He will be missed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blues Point

The Blues Point Hotel, is a pub situated towards the bottom of Blues Point Road - far enough down the road to discourage too many lunch time drinkers making the journey. I drink beer here and eat here with buddys from work. On the occasion that this photo was taken, we have Rob Taylor on the left, Raddy next to him looking straight at the lense, then Beddie and then Baden. Baden dosent like his bold patch. This is a pre lunch shot - lunch was schooners of draught and steak sandwiches.

Black and White

When I started this blog, I was entring something every day. This changed to once a week, fortnightly and now it's been nearly a whole month since I last entered anything. This could mean one of two things, nothing has happened and the void hasnt been worth repeating or so much has happened that I havent had time to update the sucker.

Not everything is black or white though. I have been taking lots of photos recently. Just the other day I bought a digital Olympus C7070, which I have fallen in love with and carry it around all the time. The day I got it I charged up the batteries and went straight to Queenscliff Skate Bowl. I smacked off a couple of hundred photo's, met a few of the skaters and ended up keeping about 25 shots. My first photo outing was a success. This is one of the picks from the day.