Thursday, September 29, 2005

7 Runs

"Richo your into bat next. Pad up and I will warm you up."

I fished around in the kit bag for pads and gloves and got myself ready. From close range I had cricket balls thrown at my feet. Which I attempted to block.

"Keep a straight bat and elbow up!"
"If its short play it off the back foot."
"(gulp) ok!"
"Dont play shots, just concentrate on blocking."

This went on for about five minutes until one of our players was bowled out. I tossed up putting on a helmet or not and asked the others if I should but got no response, so I walked onto the feild like nervous Nerris. The first thing I noticed when I got to the crease was how close the bowlers end looked. I felt sure it would be much further away like on TV. All the fielders were in close and the medium pace bowler came running in and I tensed up, forgot everything I had just learnt about blocking on the side line and threw the bat at the incoming red ball. The ball got a top edge and looped over the fielders and kept running for FOUR Runs!!! Hooray!!! I almost raised my bat. A few blocks later and a few more misses and I started to feel a bit more comfortable. The next ball I faced I pulled for 2 runs. I was 6 not out and just happy not to of gone for a duck. On my third over I hit the first ball up in the air and felt sure it would be caught but no one was there. The batsmen down the non-strikers end was running, so I ran too and made another run. But then he ran another!

"Run!!! Quick!!!"

I ran back for the second but it was no use I was run out for 7 runs.