Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Judy and Barry Posted by Hello

Mel's Olds and evening drinks

Took Judy and Barry for a drink at the Wharf bar on Monday night. They liked it. Judy had a glass of fizz and Barry a midi of stella, I had a schooner of VB. We talked about Belinda and family, how dangerous coal mines are, my visit to Melbourne and wonderful it is to sit outside in the evening. I declined their invitation to dinner and sat at home alone watching a documentary on kiddie fiddlers and an interview show, an Irish actor was being interviewed.

On Tuesday I took Judy and Barry and this time Mel to the Wharf bar for a drink prior to dinner. This time we sat on the jetty bar which was lively. Had a couple of drinks and spoke about all sorts, the Normans, the girl next to us with cute legs, where to eat on Wednesday and how wonderful it is to sit outside in the evening. Mel was itching to go home, she HATES the wharf bar. I cooked Chicken and veg and watched "Scorsese on Scorsese" a doco on Martin Scorsese. Woke up several times during the night.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Bunking off, footy, food, fishing and an epic wave

Friday was a drag at work. I found myself sat in an audiance of 400+ co-workers listening to directors talk about percentages and ebitda. Jason left after an hour and I followed. We spent the rest of the day enjoyin Guiness and cigarettes at the Blues Point Hotel. My favourite pub in North Sydney!

On Saturday morning I enjoyed on of the best long boarding sessions Ive ever had. Caught the wave of the day which was head high, glassey and it took be from the Volley ball courts all the way tp Noth Steyne!! Loads of turns on the Mal and some board walking. Exilerhating!! Played footy in the afternoon, took Barry with me to watch, think he enjoyed it. We put on a win too. The seasiders beat 2nd place Forest 2-0! Saturday night was spent eating great food at Cafe Sydney with Mels folks. I was then supposed to be going to the Bowlo to watch the FA Cup after but found myself tired out from the feed (Artichoke, Celeric and Yabbie Soup followed by Tuna steak).

On Sunday it was a glorious morning and we spent the morning fishing at cottage point on a tinny. I started the trip off by crashing into a brand new bayliner. Then I thought I lost the anchor!!! It looked like the rope disappeared over board not attached to the boat. Luckily it was. Any how Barry and I caught small snapper which we threw back and I got an eel which scared all. Ulgly things. Back at the kiosk we had fish and chips and muscles and a cold bottle of white. I needed a siesta when we got home and slept till 6pm. Then joinned seano at the skiff club for beers and dice before returning home to cook Roast Lamb. Great weekend....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cleaning and surfing

Good size swell in Sydney at the moment. A week of 5 to 6 foot ahead of us. Have been going out at the bower which is infuriating. Picture perfect waves, long rides and good power. Only problem is its been completely packed with 50+ guys every time I’ve been out their recently. Most of them bloody good. Managed to nick a few waves for myself. South Steyne in the southerly winds was the other option which has no banks at the moment and is closing out something chronic. Any how after much surfing I got stuck into some spring cleaning in preparation for the arrival of Mel’s parents. The flats infested with roaches and the car stinks so I gave it some heavy elbow grease. Bought a new book yesterday: Dr Mukti and other tales of Woe by Will Self. This should cheer me up.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Winter Weekend

Started off the weekend at 1:30pm in the Blues Point Hotel. I had beers and lunch with Andrew and Jason (Rob Taylor). After Rob left we played the pokes and for the second week running pulled out over $400. Weekend money. I took Mel for a Thai meal with the winnings and then met up with James and Jacob. Jacob drank 4 G&T's to my one scotch and ice and spoke of death and divorce. The evening ended up being a crawl around Manly - The Ho, wharf, steyne, brighton and finally boat shed. I bailed at 2am. The hangover had gone by 1pm and I was playing for the Seasiders. We won 1-0 against a rather junior team from Curl Curl. I had a siesta in the afternoon and then dinner with Mel’s friend Richard Car (and girlfriend) in Coogee. A very pleasant if some what grown up evening. I think we fell out on the way home because I was smoking. Next day delivered big surf. I paddled out at the Bower and hooked in to a few 4 footers and left the 6 footers for the mob of 50+ guys that were fighting over them. Shame.... Had a surf in the afternoon at South Steyne in low tide shore breakers. Met up with Sean in the evening for quiet beers at the Skiff club. Have decided to skip the Wharf from now on and drink at the skiff. Their are less peacocks fanning their feathers at the skiff and the beers cheap. I cooked a roast rack of lamb and Mel said it was the best one we've had. She woke me up to go to bed, as usual I was fully reclined in the leather lounge chair missing the end of the film (Escape from Colditz).

Monday, May 09, 2005

Poker & Malibu riding

Sunday was a glorious sunny autumn day, I live 2 minutes walk from the beach. So what would you do on a Sunday if you were in my position? I Signed up first thing to an internet poker site. Played ALL day long with breaks for food and drink. Didnt loose loads of money as I was only playing the 50c tables. At 4:30pm I planned to go watch "A Life Aquatic" but got a call from James who was up for a surf. Took out the long board and caught some crumbly 2 foot waves at south steyne. It looked rubbish from the shore but great fun once we were in. Practiced 360 twirls and walking the board. We sat out back in the warm water, the day was closing down, the sky was pink and the birds were making their usual racket at this time in the evening. "This is how I will always remember Manly." Said James. I agreed and wondered how long I would be here for....


I play for the Harbord Seasiders United Football Club in amateur league 4. I woke up reasonably early Saturday morning with a hang over from last night’s drinks with Ed. I swallowed two nurophen plus and went back to sleep. Still feeling dusty I went down the beach for a swim. The beach was quiet probably due to the inclement weather. There was only and old lady and I swimming between the flags. "The waters lovely and warm isn’t it?" I said drying off on the beach. "Yes its lovely, perfect for a hang over." said the old dear!. "Me too!" I said. I strolled home grinning to myself thinking about the encounter with the old lady.


Met with Eddie on Friday night in the city. He had a girl with him that he works for him and her boyfriend was with her. The evening was going well. Then the girl and her boyfriend left. I was left with Ed at the bar, chatting and drinking when all of a sudden the boyfriend came back and went nuts at me. "Dont even F'ing look at me, I'll bite ya f'ing face off dont, even f'ing look at me, Mug me off will ya, what av you been saying to her! She told me you wanted to meet her later!!!"I informed the cockney cretin that he or she has the wrong end of the stick, he apologised several times, calling himself the C word. "Im such a c....." and left. Bizarre??? Any how few more drinks, missed my ferry home, went on a wild goose chase round the city looking for a few of Eds other mates, slice of pizza, cheese burger and jumped in a cab home.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Black Jack

I played banker after work with the boys. The game was black jack and we played a little roulette. I was sure I would come out on top but ended up taking some big hits on black jack. Roulette was much kinder. So a few beers later and I went home $40 down on the session. Still there were some happy punters that will be sure to return to the illegal casino den we have set up on the 23rd floor over looking Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Just quickly....born in Australia 1974 to a Spanish mother and British father, have two brothers, one sister, four nieces and a nephew. Brought up in Parkstone Poole, left in 1995 to go back packing in Asia and Australia met Mel. Lived in London for 5 years with my cousins and moved to Sydney Australia. Have been here almost 4 years.....

Yesterdays highlight (as ever on a week night for me) was football training. two hours of running about with the harbord Seasiders Amateur League 4 team under flood lights, dripping with sweat followed by 3 to 4 beers in the bowling club is perfect for a Wednesday night. I drove home from the bowlo in my 1971 Fiat 850 Coupe feeling relaxed and tired as the day was coming to an end. Mel was up when I got home and I cooked us "Eddie the butchers" Irish pork sausages with fried red onions in between two bits of sliced bread and tommy k for supper....a sausage sizzle yum! Mel was stressing a bit about finances and looking for an outline of the human body on the internet for a college project. Mean time I was watching Stanley Kubericks 'Lolita'. I sailed off to sleep to James Mason charming everyone in sight, in black and white....

I wonder if I'll keep this up?

Ive attempted to write diaries, journals and the like before but never got past a couple of weeks. Ive still got the hand written journal I started when I was in New York. Read it the other day and it jogged some good memories. That and Elizabeth Carmoody also from New York writing a Blog on her travels in Eurpoe convinced me to give this another bash. So here goes....havent decided how personal or revealing I want this to be yet, have nothing to hide but some things are best left private. Will work it out and enter my first blog of any worth or substance tommorrow.